Andrew Neish


Tel: 01428 723 483

Mob: 07779 360 393


Labour Rate

My standard rate is 40 per hour, plus traveling time at the same rate. Timing is to the quarter hour; ie 10 per quarter hour or part.

I don't have an additional "callout" charge or a higher rate for the first hour but my minimum labour charge is for one hour on site, plus travel.

For a full day, I usually drop my hourly rate, making 7 hours 280.

I'm not VAT registered, so no VAT is charged on the above rates.

Working Hours

My normal working hours are Monday to Friday, between 8am and 5pm. This excludes public holidays, some days around Christmas and New Year and certain other pre-planned holidays.


If you have an emergency that I may be able to help with, please phone my mobile number.

I generally charge double time for short-notice work and work outside my normal hours. Callout rates over the Christmas holiday period and other bank holidays on request.


Materials are subject to a markup with the rate somewhat dependent on the price, generally around 20%. Less for some more expensive items.


I am always happy to give an estimate for any job. For well defined jobs I can give a firm quote, although existing customers are usually happy for me to get on with the work and then bill on a time and materials basis.

Terms of Business

My Terms of Business. Much of this is only really relevant to larger jobs.